Last name: Sakmarov

First name: Oleg

Last name russian:

First name russian:

Description: Nickname: Ded ("Gramps"). Boris calls him "Ded Vasilii" in some places. Helped arrange stuff on <i>Forelock</i>. Co-arranged strings and winds on <i>Ramses IV</i> with Pavlovich.<br><br> Ded is an ethnomusicologist and multi-instrumentalist who has influenced the course of post-kh'America Akvarium heavily. In fact, just as early Akvarium was arguably BG + Dyusha + Gakkel plus whoever else, one might posit that the most recent Akvarium is BG + Ded plus whoever else.<Br><br> Alas, Ded left the band in '01 to pursue other things. When asked why, Boris said "If you love someone, set them free..." (No, we are not making this up.) Boris Rubekin seems to have taken his place in the pecking order, to the great disgruntlement—not to say horror—of many. Fortunately, we Bodhisattvas are so near to nirvana that we are incapable of disgruntlement.<Br><Br> We are, however, big fans of Ded. We have secret websites devoted to him, but they are very cleverly hidden so you'll never see them unless you too learn to be a multi-instrumentalist with every orifice simultaneously. Good luck.

Plays: vocals, flute, clarinet, oboe, keyboards, tin whistle, saxophones, English horn, xylophone, recorder, iimb (éèìá, whatever that is), horn, harmonium

Order number: 2


Old: 3664