Stuffography 4th and 5th Festivals of the Rock Club


4 и 5 фестиваль рок-клуба

4th and 5th Festivals of the Rock Club

bootleggers 1986


by Dzhon

Gurus Play Q & A (NB: this may be way over your head):

Q. Last song on Side A, "Everything That We Are," is cut off halfway through. Wondering, O Web-masters, where else, if anywhere, this song crops up? - Dzhon

A. According to our database, this song only appears on this tape, oh Dzhon of Mighty "Всё, что мы есть" lingham - Dzhrew

Q. Same goes for "Wild Honey." - Dzhon

A. According to the database, WH exists on my tape of the 1st and 2nd Rock Club festivals, nowhere else…14 lists it as a b-side during the Radio Africa era. Ah, the power of 14. -Dzhrew