Stuffography BG Concert at Mezhkniga


БГ концерт в Межкниге

BG Concert at Mezhkniga

bootleggers 1987


by Dzhon

Sound quaility could be described as "not bad, considering..." There's no evident soundboard and whoever was recording probably was using a "Hero-Worker" brand tape-recorder. BG strums through an eclectic mix of crowd pleasers ("Platan," "Silver of My Lord,") and rarities such as "General Skobelyov," "For Those Who Are In Love" and Vertinskiy's "That Which I Must Say." "Grannies" is a particular highlight—don't know why or how that one never made it onto a studio album. Interesting fragments of interiew are interpolated at two points where BG answers questions about his faith, his up-coming trip to America and singing in English, among other things.

See this tape—buy it. Так просто!