Stuffography BG: Early Interview with Tea and …


БГ: ранее интервью с чайком и …

BG: Early Interview with Tea and …

None, bootleggers 1984


by Dzhrew

Date approximate (I made it up).

Dzhrew is the chump who picked this gem up, in a moment of weakness at Zig-Zag. He was actually trying to butter up the employees (downing a serious shot of cognac in the process) so they might consider selling the poster of Boris with the tambourine on his head). Poor Dzhrew was lured into buying this by the "and…" in the title. And…smoking weed? And…playing a song? And…his aunt dropped by to borrow some sugar? Advanced marketing on the part of the bootleggers. The answer is actually "and…nothing special."

He was listening to it in the car on an 18-hr drive recently and thinks he heard the guy ask Boris what he thinks about people who consider him God. He answered with appropriate modesty, of course. But Dzhrew was driving and not paying undivided attention.

Boris names "Donovan" as an influence.