Stuffography Mitki Songs: The Tanks Rumbled on the Sea


Митьковские песни: на море танки грохотали

Mitki Songs: The Tanks Rumbled on the Sea

Studio Soyuz and Studio Dobrolyot 1997


by Dzhrew

This is the first record in a long time that lists Gakkel' in the liner notes. We gurus aren't that great at telling a cello from a violin or whatever, but it's possible that this is the Boris-Seva reunion album. The notes don't tell who played on what song, of course.

For information about the Mit'ki movement, see the Details for the 1996 Mit'ki Songs album.

The female chorus on the first track (Chizh singing about rumbling tanks) is a good SPB band, "Kollibri" (The Hummingbirds). Their own albums are better.