Stuffography Akvarium with the Mitki


Аквариум у Митьков

Akvarium with the Mitki

None, bootleggers 1986


by Dzhrew

From "Feel Tapes."

The version of "Take me to the River" has some badass funk bass.

The three studio tracks are interesting. They are almost certainly outtakes from various "Mit'ki songs" sessions and/or songs from the first Mitki collection. Alas, we can't concretely identify the ones with Boris (the names given in our setlist are only the first lines, barely). The first song is Boris, accompanied mainly by a mandolin. We think it's called "Home," and appeared on the first Mitki album, Mitki Silence. The second one is a much better Chizh version of "На поле танки грохотали" than the one on the third Mitki album, which is in turn much better than the one on Chizh's own Bombardiers album. The third song here has some male choir singing, and sounds like Boris must be a part of said choir.