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Менуэт Земледельцу

Minuet for a Farmer



by Dji

Unfortunately, the answer to that last question is a resounding YES. Our own mimoza flattened my fellatelic bubble with the facts: it's not spelled "menuet" and it doesn't sound even remotely like blowjob in Russian. (For the record, boys, the proper word is минет).

We graciously admit that we were wrong and we hereby announce that we have removed all references to the Minuet/Blowjob controversy from the BoB. In fact, we promise that you'll never hear "blowjob" or any other sexual term put forth on these pages until such time as we have a verifiable, Akvarium-related reason to mention said act. No more blowjobs. And no more blowjob-related discussions on the guestbook. We'll stick to erudite discussions of Dzhoanna Stingray.

THIS GUY!!! And we still haven't heard the album. But we've done our homework and determined that you can hear the title track (a historically reconstructed version, alas, recorded nearly a quarter century after-the-fact) if you pick up a copy of Cabinet of Curiosities. Furthermore, we know that as of the printing of 14, the authorship of the title track was a subject of debate amongst the co-authors. My guess is nobody will ever know who wrote this song.

Or maybe the answer is out there somewhere. I wonder who I'd have to blow to get it.

P.S. As part of our effort to eliminate all blowjob references from this page, we came across this picture of Boris, featured in our "Solo Boris" section. We thought it was Boris answering the question "Where's your head?" nonverbally, but further research suggests he's delivering the punchline to the joke that starts with "What has a thumb and likes blowjobs?" Scroll your mouse over the picture to read his answer.

Dzhon adds: Thinking intently about blowjobs apparently distracted us from noticing for years that the last track, "I Know the Places," appeared in a substantially re-worked version some 25 years later as one of the finer tracks on Hyperborea. (A spiffy live version can also be found on Season of the Snake.) Dance, Farmer Dance!