Stuffography 14




Experience Press 1993


by Dzhrew

"Мне не нужно других книг кроме тебя." ["I don't need any books other than you."]

I almost like the lack of an index-by-title. It's forced me to spend hours searching for songs (mostly trying to figure out what the songs are on the damn bootlegs on this web page), which is as theraputic and enjoyable as being distracted by other words when you are looking something up in a dictionary.

The organizational scheme is also cool because the index lists the "b-sides" from a particular album/era in boldface, along with the germane album. So you can listen to Sands of Petersburg and know that the first song (for example) was actually recorded and circulated prior to Blue Album, not in 1994.

There's plenty of room to write in guitar chords on each page, and you don't feel like you are really wrecking the beauty of it as a book by doing so. And the book lies flat without too much coaxing.

My all-time favorite picture of Boris is on page 284.