Stuffography B.G., The Anna Karenina Quartet: Soulful songs


Квартет Анны Карениной. Задушевные песни

B.G., The Anna Karenina Quartet: Soulful songs

SoLyd Records 1994


by Dji

Mad Washing Machines in the Next Apartment is one loooooong track of tumbling socks. Ambient Karenina has tumbling socks driven over by trucks carrying Irish fiddle players engaged in courtly romance with multiple flautists whose earrings praise the buddha by chiming together every time the heads that are wearing them choose to disappear...

But that's just my first impression. Give me a couple of years of listening time and I'll have more to say.

Wish me luck, though, because the album should bear a warning label: Do not listen to this album whilst walking to work! Those truck horns I heard this morning... were they live or were they Karemorex?

AK Reactions from sundry Bodhisattvas:

Dzhubchik: I bought AK once at the smelly, now-defunct Mos-Film shop. Then I left it on a train. Whoever found it is either out of their mind or enlightened.

k.p. tikka-ri: Quartet with acoustic guitar, flute, washing machine and vacuum cleaner! And still I paid 350 roubles [for] it last August in St. Petersburg, so I like it a lot. I do not compare it to Bardo... Do you know the Mitki-Maier-video? It's a soundtrack by BG & there's many familiar songs given the Anna Karenina-treatment in it…