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Два Капитана 2

Two Captains 2



by Dji

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Once thing's for certain: Sergei Kuryokhin was involved in this project. His name's all over it, his style's all over it, and everybody agrees on his participation. Beyond that, things get fuzzy. Dji has seen this soundtrack attributed to [Kuryokhin and] Boris, The Russian-Abyssinian Orchestra, various members of Akvarium, the Pop-Mechanics (Kuryokhin's band), and sundry others. The nice edition from the Sergei Kuryokhin Charity Foundation All them Captains!(really) gives Sergei all of the credit, throwing in a couple of producers and arrangers but no familiar names. However, Dji is fairly certain he's seen a couple of other Kuryokhin/Boris releases from the foundation with no Boris credits. He has a theory about the widow Kuryokhina, but to be polite, he keeps it to himself. Until he's had a few drinks.

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As with many situations which appear confusing, it's likely that's it's all true...and all not true.

Why Two Captains II, anyway? Maks provides some useful background about Dva Kapitana I:

Soviet writer Veniamin Kaverin 1902-1989 published the "Two Captains" in 1947.

It's actually a pretty fascinating read, the plot combining a young swashbuckler hero (Capitain #2) hot on the trail of a missing-in-adventure seasoned Arctic sea-wolf (Captain #1), and the love story between Captain #2 and Captain #1's daughter, all set in the post-revolutionary Russia. I read it during early adolescence, and at the time the descriptions of the love-sick main character's (Captain #2) aimless days and nights struck me as incredibly accurate (I was no doubt infatuated by a classmate or two, can't remember :-) )

The author was (at least originally) non- (or even anti-) political in his views and the book is largely devoid of any serious propaganda—all the "bad guys" are conveniently anti-Communist, but that is to be expected, and is easily ignored.

All in all, it is a straight-laced romantic novel, and generally an inspiring read. I love Borya and his wacky talents, but the idea to parody this thing must have been strictly Kuryokhin's. It's pure brilliance on so many levels, I shudder at the thought of even trying to summarize it. Very few people (that I am aware of) seem to really get it.

I know two.

Thanks, Maks. Now we know more thanks to you & Ded Maks. (We'll call him Ded Maks, because, although he's not Maks' uncle, he's like an uncle to us... via Maks. Or something.) In the service of art and at the behest of his son, Ded Maks sent an oversized envelope to the irradiated mailroom capital of the world, Washington, DC. Against all odds, it arrived intact and while I cannot be added to the list of two people Maks knows who really understand Two Captains II I do understand a few things.

As I suspected, it's all true. And it's all lies.

The soundtrack CD is by Kuryokhin. I should apologize to his widow, contribute to the charitable fund and give a contrite speech at the Kuryokhin festival. "I'm sorry I ever doubted you, madam. [tchooooo!]" The movie's actual soundtrack contains more songs, including recognizable Bardobits(tm).