Stuffography Anthology: Collectors' Edition 20 CD boxset


Антология. Коллекционное Издание. 20 CD BOX

Anthology: Collectors' Edition 20 CD boxset



by Dzhon

Contains remastered, bonus-tracked versions of 20 Aquarium albums: Blue Album, Triangle, Electricity, Acoustics, Taboo, Radio Africa, Ichthyology, Silver Day, December's Children, Ten Arrows, Equinox, Russian Album, Favorite Songs of Ramses IV, Sands of Petersburg, Kostroma mon Amour, Navigator, Snow Lion, Hyperborea, Lilith, and Psi.

Despite their devotion, no Bodhisattva has yet acquired this artifact. Why? Several reasons:

1) The Bodhisattvas are a mendicant order, and therefore ponying up 300 smackers (the price on for albums they all already own in their original cd release is well beyond the scope of their begging bowls.

2) The "bonus tracks" provide no incentive whatsoever. Almost all of the worthwhile ones are already to be found on live albums and APXUB albums, such as Cabinet of Curiosities.

3) From Equinox onward it's difficult to imagine that "remastering" could add much to sound quality that left nothing to be desired in the first place.

4) Aside from restoring the original cover-art of the "magnitizdat" releases from the 80's, the new releases offer nothing new at all in terms of liner notes. What's more, the fanciful disc art of the Triarii cd releases has been replaced by ultra-generic monochromatic labeling.

Having said that, there is evidence that individual albums from the set may be worth re-acquiring. Yours Truly acquired December's Children, the Original Akvarium album most desperately in need of remastering. I'm pleased to report that the difference is night and day: the new December's Children has none of the muted murkiness that characterized the Triarii cd release, enabling the songs' genius to blaze forth in all its glory. Dji has also acquired a couple of the discs from the set, but has yet to report back on whether or not there's a noticable difference (Dji?).

In the meantime, any corporate sponsors wililng to boost their karma by subsidizing further investigations of this matter are encouraged to contact the Bodhisattvas via the Guest Book.