Stuffography My Friend, the Musician


Мой Друг—Музыкант

My Friend, the Musician

Ãðàíä Ðåêîðäñ 2003



OK, so the Bodhisattvas haven't actually heard this...except for the B.G.'s wacked-out contribution, "Sailor's Silence"—offered as an mp3 on the Trilistnik site—that is. Even the Bodhisattvas awe-inspiring dharma can't withstand the assault of cover versions of songs that (by and large) sucked royally in the first place! ("Cold Beer" is the major exception.)

If you feel yourself spiritually worthier than the Bodhisattvas, however, please buy this album and tell us, in detail, how wrong we are. Before you do, however, you may want to peruse our review of the vast majority of these songs as performed by their original author. Aum.