Stuffography Joanna Stingray: Thinking 'Till Monday


Joanna Stingray: Thinking 'Till Monday

Red Wave Studio 1988



We haven't heard it...but Dji's soiling his trousers just thinking about it.

Side A:

1. Modern Age Rock'N'Roll (mus + lyrics: Stingray + BG)
2. Give Me Some More Of Your Love (mus: Tsoi - lyrics: Stingray)
3. Highstrung (mus + lyrics: Stingray + BG)
4. Call Me (mus + lyrics: Stingray + BG)
5. Keep On Traveling (mus: Sologub - lyrics: Stingray)

Side B:

1. War (mus: Tsoi - lyrics: Stingray)
2. City Of Lenin (mus: Sologub - lyrics: Stingray, Sologub)
3. Yerosha (mus: Sologub - lyrics: Stingray)
4. Tsoi Song (mus: Tsoi, Stingray, Kasparyan - lyrics: Stingray)
5. Shattered Glass (mus + lyrics: Stingray + BG)