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Shakespear's Sister: Sacred Heart



by Dji

This abomination is far too hideous, yet (at the same time) insignificant to merit an actual review. Here, however are the liner notes about the felons responsible. Produced by Richard Feldman and Shakespears Sister, except "You're History" produced by Iovine/Feldman/Shakespears Sister.

Mixed by Manu Guiot, except "Run Silent," "Dirty Mind," "Sacred Heart" and "Red Rocket" mixed by Alan Moulder.

Mixed at The Chapel (LA), Marcus (London) and The Grand Armee (Paris)

Engineered by Alan Moulder, Gary Bradshaw, Jon Bavin, Brian Harrison, John Hedges, Fred De Faye and David Bianco ("You're History")

Recorded at The Church (London) and The Chapel (Los Angeles).

harmonica - Marchella Detroit
guitar - Boris Grebenshikov, J.W.Harding
bass - Chucho Merchan
grand piano - Kenny Moore
backing vocals - Joneice Jamieson
synclavier - Olle Romo

Boris Grebenshikov appears courtesy of CBS Records