Stuffography Sundari: A Jivamukti Yoga Class


Sundari: A Jivamukti Yoga Class

Raven Records 1999



Review: Wire (1/00, p.80)—"...He takes the standard Mego language of needling synthetic tones, random clicks, buzzes and electronic blisters, and fuses them into a fluid rush of energy....What sticks in the ear is the clarity with which he shifts between different swathes and bandwidths of noise..."

Alternative Press (4/00, p.84)—5 out of 5 - "...Like the best artisans of 'microscopic sound', Fennesz recreates the organic from the atom up; he's a Romantic seduced by binary....Imagine a chorus of modems caroling cricket fantasias..." Special Bonus! "Contains a diagram of 21 yoga postures."