Stuffography Terrarium: Pentagonal Sin (Single)


Террариум: Пятиугольный грех

Terrarium: Pentagonal Sin (Single)

Êâàäðî-äèñê 2000


by Dzhon

What it amounts to here is one better than average Nautilius Pompilius track, "Gibralter/Labrador," on which BG plays no part, and one catchy, doo-woppy , horn-driven track, "Zoya and Sonya," written and sung by Leonidov...but sounding decidedly BG-ish for all of that. (Think "Ivan and Danilo").

Like most singles, it's a "completists only" affair, the more so as the tracks are identical, as far as I can tell, to the album versions.

Lyrics for both songs—and for all the other songs associated with the Terrarium project—were written by Anatoli "George" Gunitskii of the "weird stuff from Triangle" fame.