Stuffography BG Lilith


БГ Лилит

BG Lilith

ËÅÀÍ 1997


by Dzhon

Full title is "Мытарства душа" из Калинина в Вудсток, или Краткая История Создания Альбома "Лилит" ("Torment of the Soul" from Kalinin to Woodstock, or a Short History of the Making of Lilith).

A trifle wordy, no?


1)An excerpt from "Myths of the Peoples of the World" explaining who and what Lilith was.

2)An interview of BG by Marina Timasheva about the why and wherefores of recording the album.

3)A scholarly disquistion by the same Gospozha Timasheva about the resulting album (this is the bit that's actually titled "'Torment of the Soul' from Kalinin to Woodstock").

4)A longish reprint of an article from the newspaper Русский базар called "Is Rock-n-roll Dead?" by Maik M.D. (not to be confused with BoB's own "Maik").

5)A brief CV for each of the members of the Band that participated in the Lilith sessions.

6)Lyrics for all the Lilith songs.

7)Guitar chords for all of the Lilith songs.

8)A few pages of poorly-reproduced black and white snapshots of the recording sessions.

In short everything you could possibly want to know about Lilith and a little more. And wouldn't it be nice if we had guitar chords thusly for all the albums? Hmmmm? Sure, they're all available on-line...but who the heck plays guitar while sitting at the computer?

Attention godly and goodly folk at ЛЕАН! We, the Bodhisattvi, worship and adore your relics; but if you would publish a definitive collection of guitar chords we would dedicate mantra cycles day and night in tribute to your beneficence and wisdom.