Stuffography Collection Version 1.1: 20 Best Songs


20 Лучших Песен: Хрестоматия Версия 1.1

Collection Version 1.1: 20 Best Songs

Triarii 1999


by Elizaveta

Sure, you probably have all of these songs on different albums—but this does all the hard work for you, by putting them altogether on one disc. These are mostly songs that I would put on a "mix" album if I were making one—with a few songs that I wouldn't necessarily choose, just to add some spice. Heck, they even threw in the "Death of King Arthur" po-angliski for our enjoyment. If I were trying to convert someone to the delights that are Grebenshikov and Akvarium, I just might use these collections to do it. It would be painless to lend them out. (If I never got them back again, I still have the songs on their original albums). And the discs definitely provide a great representation of songs.

Finally, at something like $6 a shot, the price is just right. Altogether, not a bad idea to have in one's collection.