Translations by Alisa

A tree you are, in a garden of light, And when darkness surrounds me I enter this garden. A tree you are, and you're in everyone's sight, But if I stare at you long enough, I know that you Will answer my gaze. A tree you are, your trunk transparent and pure, But then I touch you, and you become aware of my presense. A tree you are, and I'm a leaf at your feet, But you're a child of this earth and its water, And me, I'm a son of the streets. I'm gonna wait for you right where you tell me to, Right where you tell me to. As long as this blood's in me, and wind makes your branches sing, I'm gonna wait for you, wait for you. A tree you are, your leaves are touching the sky, But then a leaf brushed my face when it fell from up high. A tree you are, and we're in trustworthy hands. We're gonna wait until time runs its course And we'll meet again after the end.


Translation Notes

This song is B.G. as the Gnostic, that's all there is to it. I abhor those people who always brag about their religion, as did J.C. himself. If pressed, I like to say that I practice Christ Magick. But I've picked up that subtle theme in many Aquarium songs. The Tree song finally made sense to me when I realized that it's addressed to Christ. Not Jesus the man, but Christ the collective spirit that is in all. I love this song, and came up with the translation on the fly, somehow the english words fell into a rhythm and are singable. I'd love to hear B.G. record this song in English, with my translation of course :p

Ты - дерево, твое место в саду,  
И когда мне темно, я вхожу в этот сад.  
Ты - дерево, и ты у всех на виду,  
Но если я буду долго смотреть на тебя,  
Ты услышишь мой взгляд.  
Ты - дерево, твой ствол прозрачен и чист,  
Но я касаюсь рукой и ты слышишь меня.  
Ты - дерево, и я как осиновый лист,  
Но ты ребенок воды и земли, а я сын огня.  
Я буду ждать тебя там, где ты скажешь мне,  
Там, где ты скажешь мне,  
Пока эта кровь во мне и ветер в твоих ветвях,  
Я буду ждать тебя, ждать тебя.  
Ты - дерево, твоя листва в облаках  
Но вот лист пролетел мимо летя  
Ты - дерево и мы в надежных руках  
Мы будем ждать, пока не кончится время  
И встретимся после конца.