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Снежный лев (концертный запись)

Snow Lion (Video)



by Maik

For completists: [Dji] mentions not having seen the Snow Lion video. I've got it was filmed at a concert in Russia, maybe Moscow. It's not just Snow's got most of the songs from the album, but also "Stones in Cold Water" (also notoriously played as a live duet with a stunned-and-confused-looking Dave Stewart toward the end of The Long Way Home, just before the launch into the Radio Silence material, when it's the audience's turn to look stunned and confused) and a bunch of other stuff.

It's not a bad tape, but not essential either. The sound quality is iffy at the beginning but gets progressively better. Boris has basically the same look he had at the 25th Anniversary concerts. Quasi-Buddhist components: occasional use of harmonium; swirly psychedelic lights behind performers. Peace.