Stuffography Akvarium (White Album)


Аквариум (Белый альбом)

Akvarium (White Album)

Melodiya (py6. 2,50) 1987


by Dzhrew

First the sorta bad news—If you've heard all the compact discs that contain the songs listed on The White Album, you have heard all the songs on The White Album. They all seem to be album versions.

Here's the good news (or, at least, the beginning of the rest of the news)—The White Album is a fine collection of songs that somehow sound just a little bit more 80s through the medium of vinyl. I'm not just talking about the background snap, crackle and pop. I'm talking about the guitars, the drums and the beat.

Maybe vinyl nostalgia is clouding my judgement here. Let me propose a little experiment. If you have all the White Album songs on various compact discs, try this: Make yourself a tape of the songs, or program your õèòðîâ¸áàíûé cd changer to reproduce the album, in WA order (the list of songs below is in order—Side 2 starts with the 6th song.) You remember tapes, right? If you use the cd player, don't forget to take a little break between "sides" one and two. LISTEN and ENJOY.

Report the results of your experiment to the Bodhisattvas of Babylonn guestbook immediately after conducting the above experiment. Let me know if the songs sound "more 80s" to you when collected in the precise WA quantity and order. I am particularly interested in hearing from people who were too young to remember the 80s. No, I'm not some sort of lecher. Just curious.

Right. Back to something of a review. It's a record, plain and simple. Stereo. Vanilla-plain, paper sleeve without any the holes to let you read the sticker through it. Melodiya number: C60 2519 005. The album cover is pretty cheap—flimsy cardboard held together with shabby Klei Moment (though, to its credit, the cover is not so cheap as to omit the all-important text on the edge of the record cover that makes the album "that much" easier to find when it's nestled in amongst the other records on your shelf—they were even kind enough to include the word "STEREO" and the Melodiya album number on the spine, in addition to the legally required "Ansambl' Akvarium.")

It's got a lot more non-white on it—mostly black and some wacky faux sepia—than that many of the other White Albums you may have seen. There's a long chunk of text about BG, written by Andrei Voznesenskii, on the back: "The White Nights of Boris Grebenshikov." I don't have the patience to even read it, let alone translate it. There's also some high-contrast b/w photos of Boris and some band members. I can read the photos without too much difficulty.

Sound engineer was Tropillo. Tikhomorov did the "editing" which I figure is like mixing. Gusev was the artist (cover art, presumably... there's not much else artwise). Five specifically named people whom I'll not list here took photos—post to the guestbook, present just cause and I just might consider naming them all.

If you would like to get more information about this fascinating Akvarium release, see the information about the albums Silver Day and December's Children on this fine web page. All the songs on this album, I remind you, are available on those easier-to-find compact discs—so that's where the Bodhisattvas of Babylon decided to put the reviews of the songs.

This record, by the way, makes a lovely enhancement to your lingham or yoni. If you see one for sale at a reasonable price, you probably want to buy it.

reviewed by Dzhrew