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The Secret History of Beekeeping

Do you need to study the secret history? Nikrond sticks his head in the hive and comes out to share his bee-stung visions.



Human beings don't genuinely need many things to survive, but Salt is one of them.


Russian Album

Beautiful. Fundamental. This is arguably the single greatest Akvarium album and it is definitely among the greatest rock albums. After his one and a half foreign solo albums, B.G. toured with "The B.G. Band," recording two albums under that name before renaming the band Akvarium. This piece of genius is the first of those recordings. My theory is that it marks Boris' recovery from a bad spate of bewilderment and disillusionment after he got out of the crumbling USSR into the wasteland of late '80s England/America under the influence of record company folks and his own longstanding ideas of what it means to be a rock star in the West. With Russian Album he takes his own advice (circa Acoustics) and grabs hold of his roots.

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