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Winter is bitter and unrelenting in Arkhangelsk, they say, and “they” are well qualified meteorologists. Nevertheless, Nikrond braves the moroz to bring us a review, but will he come back Ded?


Pushkinskya 10

What is life like on Pushkinskaya Ulitsa? Nikrond popped along in the Marshrutka to find out.


The Secret History of Beekeeping

Do you need to study the secret history? Nikrond sticks his head in the hive and comes out to share his bee-stung visions.

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There's no one like Buddha or Mohammed or Jesus Christ in popular music. For better or worse. Aquarium exists for the sole purpose of bridging the gap. Not that we're so great. We're bad. We are not ideal. We're total fuck-ups, but our heart is in the right place.